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What we do

Kit AssemblyShrink/BlisterBag FillingHeat SealingSalvageSpecialized

Hand Assembly Gluing Conveyor Adaptive Assembly Custom Machine AssemblySonic WeldingLiquid Fill Precision Weight Counting Mail

Folding Packing Stapling Boxing Inserting Collating Sealing Labeling

Labeling Point-of-Purchase displays


Palletized & UPS/Fedex product receipt (assume max 1 SKU per carton, cartons marked with SKU & quantity) 

Basic product visual inspection for defects & damage FNSKU labeling.

Other labeling – Anti-suffocation, Sold as Set, etc. 
Poly bagging single units Bundle assembly, poly bagging & FNSKU labeling (multiple units of same SKU) 

Kit assembly, poly bagging & FNSKU labeling (single units of different SKUs) 

Repacking to same or new master cartons 

Case labeling 

UPS labeling & UPS shipping 

Palletizing, stretch-wrapping & LTL shipping 

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